Where is the STK Host ID found?


QuestionWhere is the STK Host ID found?
For additional information, refer to the installed STKv11.1 Help (STK -> STK Setup -> Licensing -> Overview -> Find the Host ID) or the STK11.1 Online Help.

The Host ID is simply the MAC address (ID of the network card). There are several ways to identify your STK Host ID.


       1. Outside STK, go to the Windows Start Menu. Under All Programs - STK Support Tools, select License Manager.  Use the clipboard icon next to the Host ID drop-down box to copy that Host ID, and CTRL+V to paste it into your e-mail reply or online web field.
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       2.  From a command prompt type "ipconfig /all" (no quotes).  If your computer has multiple network cards, use the regular ethernet adapter and not the wireless one
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       3. Run LMTools.exe and locate the Ethernet Physical Address on the System Settings tab. LMTools is found in C:\Program Files (x86)\AGI\LicenseManager\bin.
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       4. In STK, go to the Help Menu and select License Manager or License Viewer
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       5. On Unix type "lmutil lmhostid" at the prompt
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