What graphics card is needed for STK? Why is STK crashing?


QuestionWhat graphics card is needed for STK? Why is STK crashing?
For the most up to date information on running STK please refer to AGI's recommended system requirements in the STK Web Help. In particular you will want to review the Video Card Notes. 

Graphics card technology is constantly changing; for this reason we encourage you to contact support if you have any questions about specific cards.Please take a look at the following steps to trouble shoot issues you might be having with the software because of your graphics card: 
1. Open the START -> All Programs -> STK ## -> Graphics Card Information utility
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For more information, or if the above utility is not available, in STK from the Help menu, run the 'Graphics Card Info' report.
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a. If you have an Intel or Integrated chipset this could be the issue, we have experienced varying levels of success with these depending on chipset and driver version. Typically, the drivers for integrated graphics chipsets are inconsistent and unreliable, causing rendering and performance issues and possible crashing in STK. We have had the best success with NVIDIA graphics cards. However, if you are unable to switch your hardware for a better graphics card,  the rest of the items in this document may help work around the issue you are encountering.​

If your drivers are more than a few months old please update your drivers. Even with new computers the installed graphics cards often do not come with the updated drivers.

c. See if you have two AdapterIds. If so, you most likely have two cards, an integrated chipset and a dedicated graphics card. For the best performance in STK, you need to change your graphics card settings to always use the dedicated graphics card with STK.
  • If you right click somewhere on your desktop, you should be able to bring up your graphics card Control Panel. For NVIDIA, go under 3D settings and go to manage 3D settings. Under preferred graphics processor, it is probably set to auto-select. You don’t want it to be. There are two options, you can either change your preferred graphics processor to “High performance NVIDIA processor” meaning every program will always use your NVIDIA card (including STK) or under global presets you can set a path to STK and tell it to use the NVIDIA card for certain programs (meaning you’d set it for STK). AGI engineers usually use NVIDIA for everything but some people complain that it effects battery life so we wanted to point out both options to you.
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2. Once you confirm you have the latest drivers, please open STK again. 

3. Create a new, empty scenario in STK. If a new scenario opens fine go to step 5. If a new scenario causes STK to hang or crash go to step 4. 

4. Reopen STK. Before you create a new scenario, go into the toolbar and go to Edit > Preferences. In the Online tab, uncheck the box for “allow online operations”. Please note that you will lose functionality in STK by turning this off. Click ok and restart STK. Try once again to create a new scenario. If this works continue to step 5.
5. If a new scenario opens, try inserting a new object (satellite, aircraft, facility, ground vehicle). If this works fine you should be ok. If this does not work, you can disable the use of Collada models (go into STK -> Edit -> Preferences -> OpenGL and check the box for disable loading of collada models), reopen STK and try this step again. 

Note:  With STK 11.1, a new button was added to the end of the installation process that allows users to test their graphics card performance with STK.  This program can also be executed manually by double-clicking C:\Program Files\AGI\STK 11\bin\GraphicsTestsRunner.exe

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If you continue to experience issues, please copy the contents of your graphics card info report from Step 1 and email it to support@agi.com. 
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