How do I release a hung network license?


QuestionHow do I release a hung network license?
STK is no longer in use by a user but the Network License Server shows that it is. This may happen due to an interruption of network connectivity and/or an abnormal termination of the software.
If your network license is hung and restarting the server is not an option follow these steps to run the FLEXlm tool LMREMOVE.

1. Open a Windows Command prompt and navigate to the STK license manager directory. 
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\AGI\LicenseManager\bin"
2. First run the lmutil command. 
"C:\Program Files (x86)\AGI\LicenseManager\bin\lmutil.exe" lmstat -c "C:\ProgramData\AGI\LicenseData\client.lic" -a
3. Note the output returned from the lmutil (lmstat) command.
Example Output:
[Detecting lmgrd processes...]
License server status: 27014@
    License file(s) on C:\Program Files\AGI\AGI License Server\licenses\server.lic: license server UP (MASTER) v9.2
Vendor daemon status (on
      STKD: UP v9.2
Feature usage info:
Users of STK:  (Total of 1 license issued;  Total of 0 licenses in use)
Users of STKIntegration:  (Total of 1 license issued;  Total of 1 license in use)
  "STKIntegration" v8.0, vendor: STKD
  floating license
    shepherd techsupport techsupport (v8.0) ( 101), start Fri 7/13 13:24
Users of MexCon:  (Total of 1 license issued;  Total of 0 licenses in use)
The following info from this output is used in the lmremove syntax:
Feature (STKIntegration) - The license or feature that is hung.
User (shepherd) - User name of the person who checked out the license.
Host (techsupport) - Hostname of the machine which the license was being used on.
Display (techsupport) - Name of display on which user is working.
Port (27014) - Port the license manager uses to communicate.
LM_Server ( - Hostname of the license manager server.
Handle (101) - A unique identifier for the license session.
4.  There are two variants to the lmremove command syntax.
lmutil lmremove [-c <port>@<LM_Server>] -h <feature> <LM_Server> <port> <handle>
lmutil lmremove [-c <port>@<LM_Server>] <feature> <user> <host> <display>
"C:\Program Files (x86)\AGI\LicenseManager\bin\lmutil.exe" lmremove -c "27014@" -h STKIntegration 27014 101
"C:\Program Files (x86)\AGI\LicenseManager\bin\lmutil.exe" lmremove -c "27014@ shepherd techsupport techsupport

NOTE: If the user name contains a space, it must be surrounded by quotes, and you must use the optional -c flag
lmutil.exe lmremove -c "27014@" STKIntegration "mike shepherd" techsupportxp techsupportxp
5. To verify the license has been removed, run the lmstat command in step two.
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