Educational Alliance Program FAQ



Program Requirements

The Educational Alliance Program requires that AGI products be used strictly as an educational tool in a structured academic environment. Applicants must complete an application and submit course outlines that define how STK software will be utilized as a learning aid. Applicants will agree to a set of Terms & Conditions as a measure of acceptance into the program. Throughout the academic year, AGI may request instructor and student feedback and solicit course materials and student-developed scenarios and homework assignments utilizing STK.

Use of the software to support commercial or government research is not allowed. However, schools may use STK and ODTK for academic research including theses, Smallsat programs, and student design projects with some restrictions even if there is some outside funding. Theses, cubesats, and funded research programs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

How are EAP licenses different from other STK licenses?

The STK EAP license gives the user access to modules extending the basic capabilities of STK with advanced analysis. EAP licenses have a fixed duration of one year and contain a "For Unfunded Educational Use" banner on the screen. Other than the banner, there is no difference between these licenses and the commercial licenses. EAP licenses include the free permanent STK license as well as licenses for:
• STK Pro
• STK SatPro
• STK Analysis Workbench
•  STK Analyzer **
• STK Astrogator
• STK Conjunction Analysis Tools
• STK Communications
• STK Coverage
• STK Integration
• STK Radar
• STK Space Environment Effects Tool
• STK Aviator
• Orbit Determination Tool Kit (ODTK) **

** These tools require a separate install. Analyzer is found on Please email for the ODTK install.

How many licenses can I request?

EAP partners can request as many licenses as they need. Partners can request individual node-locked licenses or On-Demand licenses for installation on a single personal PC or a network server license to install the software into a computer lab/classroom or university network. AGI recommends that partners request one license for each person (instructor or student) who will use the software. AGI does not limit the number of licenses requested, the number of students using the software, or how partners choose to administer the educational licenses. 

Can I give licenses directly to students?

Educational licenses can either be installed in a lab for student use or installed on individual instructor or student computers. Each partner can decide how they want to distribute the licenses that they request; AGI encourages giving them out to students. Please review the Licensing Distribution Procedures for details.

What is the host ID and registration ID and how do you find this?

The Host ID is simply the MAC address (ID of the Network Card). There are several ways to identify your STK Host ID. 

Do I have to upgrade my version of STK?

Educational partners can download the latest version of AGI software when they join the EAP program. Partners should upgrade their software each academic year, if possible. AGI software developers are constantly adding enhanced functionality and new modules are occasionally added to the educational license file. Instructors do not always have their curriculum materials updated, or their computers are not capable of running the latest version of the software, so AGI supports older versions when possible. All educational licenses are backward-compatible so that the current license file opens older versions of the software. 

How can I get started using STK in my classroom quickly?

AGI provides a broad set of example curricula that make use of STK to teach courses in many fields and at all technical levels from elementary school to graduate school. AGI engineers have put together many of the curricula and training content, while other content has been developed and shared by existing partner schools. You are free to download, try, modify, and use any of these materials; however, you are expected to credit the appropriate source.

What computer requirements do I need to run STK?

To install STK, you must be an administrator or have elevated permission for the computer on which STK is being installed. Verify that the computer meets the System Requirements
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