How can I add my facilities to the local standard object database?

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ProblemHow can I add facilities to the local standard object database?
To add your facilities to the local standard object database, you will need to add your facilities’ information to a couple files.  The files are all ASCII so it is quite easy to modify them. The images show examples of notional facilities. 

Navigate to the Facility Database: The files are here: C:\ProgramData\AGI\STK 11 (x64)\Databases\Facility

First is stkFacility.fd: In this file, Add the Facility Name, Network, Latitude (in deg) , Longitude (in deg), and Altitude (in meters). Make sure you follow the appropriate amount of spaces to keep the content aligned.

User-added image

Second is AzEl Folder: If you have Az El Masks (*.aem files), you can load those files to the AzEl Folder (C:\ProgramData\AGI\STK 11 (x64)\Databases\Facility\AzEl). The file names must be the same as the Site Name. Upon loading the facility, it will load the AEM file as well. This AEM can be calculated every time using the terrain but precalculated aem files remove the need to repeatedly run terrain analysis. Also these AEMs can have cutouts where buildings are present. Note: Spaces in the aem file name do not work, so the Facility name and aem file names should not include spaces.

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Third is the stkFacility.fn: This is a list of the different networks. Add the network name here to describe your network.
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Fourth and last is FacilitySearchAttr.json. This file will add the Network Name to the Filter options in the SOD GUI. Add the Network Name(s) to the list of filterable Networks.
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Note: When upgrading to a newer version of STK, the facility database might be replaced with a newer version. Please save a copy somewhere else, just in case it is overwritten by a newer Facility database.

Now when you add a facility using the local Standard Object Database, you will see your facilities loaded. You can sort and filter in order to select which facility you want to use, or you can easily select all of them and add them to a Constellation Object.
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