Why is my EOIR synthetic scene rotated incorrectly?

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QuestionWhy is my EOIR synthetic scene rotated incorrectly?
Setting EOIR Sensor Pointing on a Facility

The EOIR sensor type camera takes an image of whatever is in its field of view (FOV).  The orientation of the FOV must be set up properly so that objects appear as they actually are.  When the EOIR sensor is attached to moving objects, such as satellites and aircraft, the attitude of the object will also impact the orientation of the EOIR FOV.  However, when the EOIR sensor is on a facility, all orientation of the FOV is based on the pointing of the sensor since facilities are completely fixed in their position.  The following steps outline the process for aligning an EOIR sensor on a facility to track an object of interest.
  1. In Analysis Workbench (Analysis > Analysis Workbench), create a Displacement vector from your Facility with the EOIR sensor  to your object of interest:
 User-added image
  1. Open the properties for the EOIR sensor that is attached to the facility.  Under Basic > Pointing, set the Pointing type to Along Vector.  Set the Alignment vector to the vector created in step 1.  Set the constrained vector to the Facility Zenith (Detic): 
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  1. You can verify that the synthetic scene produced by EOIR matches the 3D model orientation by orienting the view in the 3D graphics window correctly.  To do this, click the View From/To button in the 3D Graphics window.  Set the From position to the facility and the To position to the object of interest.  Then check the Lock in View direction option.  Once you apply this, you can zoom in in your 3D graphics window to match the field of view of the EOIR sensor.  
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