What is the oldest version of STK that is officially supported?

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QuestionWhat is the oldest version of STK that is officially supported?
As noted in the AGI Annual Support and Upgrade Terms and Conditions on the AGI software license agreement web page, AGI shall provide Technical Support for a previous version of the Software, up to a maximum of 5 years from the release of that version of the Software. This shall apply to all versions of the software other than maintenance releases. Upon request, at AGI’s discretion, Technical Support for versions beyond 5 years from the release may be available.

Here is a list of release dates for previous versions of STK:

STK 11 Family
STK 11.6 released on 03/31/2019
STK 11.5 released on 11/07/2018
STK 11.4 released on 04/24/2018
STK 11.3 released on 11/10/2017
STK 11.2 released on 04/19/2017
STK 11.1 released on 07/11/2016
STK 11.0 released on 12/1/2015

STK 10 Family
STK 10.1 released on 02/18/2014
STK 10.0 released on 11/15/2012

STK 9 Family
STK 9.2 released on 05/07/2010
STK 9.1 released on 11/17/2009
STK 9.0 released on 05/05/2009

For example, the oldest version of STK that is still supported as of 06/21/2019 would be STK 11 (released on 12/1/2015), which was the oldest version released after 06/21/2019.  All STK 9 Family of releases and STK 10 Family of releases would not be supported since they were released prior to the 5 year maximum in this example of 06/21/2019.

Occasionally, customers will be forced to a particular hardware configuration which limits the operating systems that STK supports.  Please see the following FAQ for a table of supported operating systems by STK version.  


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