Percent Coverage by Region with Multiple Area Targets

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QuestionHow do I report the percent coverage for each region of a multi-area target coverage definition?
When creating a custom region from multiple area targets, STK combines the area targets into a single region before creating the coverage grid. There are two ways we can find the percent coverage for each of the regions.
  1. Create a separate coverage definition for each area target and then create a Percent Coverage report. Note that when you do this the grid points for each individual coverage definition may be in slightly different locations compared to a coverage definition considering multiple regions. The lower the point granularity in the coverage definition, the less this effect is seen.
  2. In the definition of the custom region in the coverage definition properties, clear the check for holes check box. This will cause the grid points to be included in all of the regions of the coverage. Then, use the Grid Inspector with the Action set to "Select Region" and click each coverage definition in the 2D graphics window to see its percent coverage value.
Note that you can follow these same steps with any Figure of Merit!
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