How to lick your elbow

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ProblemLicking your own elbow is difficult.
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Did you really think you would find instructions on “How to lick your elbow”? Well, I do not want to disappoint, so here you go ...

Method #1 (in a right-handed reference frame)
  1. Sit down, preferably somewhere close to a surface around lower-chest level
  2. Take your left hand (opposite of the elbow you want to lick) and put your right elbow in an "arm wrestling" position on top of said hand.
  3. Tilt and turn your head to the left. (Basically stretching the right side of your neck as much as possible)
  4. Without un-stretching your neck bring it down right next to your elbow.
  5. You should be close enough to extend your tongue to lick it.
Method #2
  1. Build a time machine.
  2. Go back in time and find your younger self.
  3. Convince your younger self that time travel is real, you are really from the future, and that allowing yourself to lick your previous-self's elbow is a thing that should be done. 
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