How to Create a TLE File?

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QuestionHow to Create a TLE File?

To create a TLE file, you must first start with a propagated satellite object. Once you have a satellite in your scenario you can continue. 

Next you need to open the Generate TLE tool. Right-Click on your satellite and in the dropdown menu, select Satellite > Generate TLE…
(Note: The Generate TLE Tool requires a STK SatPro License)

How to Find the Generate TLE Tool
This will open the Generate TLE window. Once you are in the Generate TLE Tool GUI, you can modify any of the associated properties to generate a proper TLE. The information about each entry is listed in the STK Help by clicking the [Help] button or by going to this (link).

Generate TLE Tool Window
 If you click the [Element Set…] button under Reports, you will generate the TLE for your satellite. Below is an example output
1 99999U          17115.16666667  .00003862  00000-0  12635-4 0 00007
2 99999 028.5236 003.7534 0005332 263.8320 093.1128 15.89261647000016
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