How do I make color articulations for a model?

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QuestionHow do I make color articulations for a model?
A model articulation defines a range of positions and orientations for a component or primitive, such as the allowable gimbal angles for an antenna. Articulations do not change the way an STK object is defined, affect access, or other calculations between objects being modeled. Use it to visually provide realism in the models for animation.

To add color articulations to a model that does not currently allow for them, you need to edit the model file itself. Below is an example of how to do this with the *.mdl format of model files.

Add the following five (5) lines to the model file for the component you wish to change colors. You are adding three (3) articulations, one for each primary color. Each can range between 0 and 255. In this example, 100 is the default level.

    Articulation changeColor

    redColorTranslate red 0 100 255
    greenColorTranslate green 0 100 255    
    blueColorTranslate blue 0 100 255


Two versions of a simple Box model are attached. The Box.mdl file is a plain cube, while the BoxWithArticulations.mdl adds these three color articulations, allowing you to change the color of all the sides of the Box at once.

To learn more about using articulations in STK models, please see the STK Help System at: STK Help > Getting Started > Build a Scenario > Customize 2D and 3D Graphics > 3D Graphics (Globe) Window > Using Models > Creating an MDL Model > Articulations
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