Do I need to install the STK Help?

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QuestionDo I need to install the STK Help?

STK 11.7 Help

With the STK 11.7 release and forward, you are given more flexibility on what to install when you download STK. You have the ability to download the relevant help (STK Desktop help and/or Programming help) separately from the product.  If you have STK 11.4 or newer, you can choose to download the STK help. You can either choose to download these files so you have them locally on your machine or use the available online help. Without the help, the STK install will be a smaller file.

The question is: Do you need it? 

For individuals working on a closed network, it is recommended you install the local help files. 

For all others, your STK experience won't change. Selecting the Help button on any STK page will open the relevant documentation from the web. 

The online STK help documentation will be updated twice a month on the web.  New to STK 11.7, STK Viewer help documentation will be posted to the web. 

Visit the AGI Downloads Page to download your help today!
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