STK SOC Satellite Overflight Tool and Scenario

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Requirements and Setup
There are dozens of operational remote sensing satellites each with unique orbits, sensor coverage areas, and sensor performance. This is a PROTOTYPE of a satellite overflight planning tool that uses data from the AGI Standard Object Catalog (SOC) to make commercial overflight prediction simple for the user. Data from SOC is searched to make satellite overflight queries simple and efficient for a user's needs. This is an ideal utility when new Satellite Imagery is needed rapidly in applications like disaster response.

How to use:

1) Select the source of satellite orbits (from the web or local file) then PROPAGATE.
*NOTE: Recent TCE files are required for accuracy. It is not recommended to use a TCE over 7 days old. The online Update will use the most recent sources available automatically.

2)Select satellites of interest by choosing from the "Operator" list, or by selecting "ALL." Options selected here will populate the "Select Satellites" window.

3) Highlight all of the satellites of interest in the "select satellites" window. As they are selected, their sensors are added to the "Select Sensors" window. (Shift+select can be used to select the entire list.)

4) Select Sensor filters to filter the sensor list by sensor type and resolution.

5) Highlight the desired sensors from the filtered list. All sensors highlighted in the "Select Sensors" list will be used in overflight calculations.

6) Add new Targets by Latitude and Longitude to the target list.

7) Highlight the targets of interest in the "Select Targets" list. All highlighted targets will be used in overflight calculations. 

8) Apply Constraints for valid images. Minimum elevation limits passes by how close they are to directly over the target (90 degrees), and sunlight is important for optical sensors that require lighting to capture.

9) Specify the time period for the analysis and select output types

10) Click the "Create" Button to run the computation and display the results of the overflight calculations. The reports and graphs will display the times when each satellite/sensor can image each of the targets of interest the user selected

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