Prototype Weather Plugin


Requirements and Setup
STK  11.
Licenses: STK and Coverage

The plugin was created as proof of the concept to demonstrate how to use plugins to consume data from web services into STK desktop application. We selected weather service from web site and decided to use predicted cloud coverage values from the service. The cloud coverage is represented as number between 0 and 100, and represents overall percent of the cloud coverage. The attitude information is not available. 
We broke the problem into two parts:  getting data and using the data in the access calculation. We use UI plugin to get and visualize data, and Access Constraint plugin for analysis. The UI plugin allows you to specify coverage definition or singe location (place/facility/target), and download the cloud data locally. The visualization option only works for coverage definition. The Access Constraint plugin will use local cloud data for the analysis. Since we do not have altitude data, the only analysis that make sense is access between place/area on the ground and satellite(s) looking straight down. In this video I demonstrate access between Pennsylvania and all USA commercial optical satellites

Here is 7 minute video showing how to use this UiPlugin/Access constraint (coverage with cloud constraint):

The folder also contains an 11.3 scenario which follows the video.