Articulation Creator Plugin


Requirements and Setup
This plugin is designed to be backwards compatible with previous versions of STK and works with all model types including MDL, Collada, and glTF. To successfully use the plugin, you need a model that has built-in articulations. A good starting point is to use the default models that come with the STK install. For setup, simply download the attached zip folder and follow the instructions listed below.
1. Unzip the attached folder onto your local drive and run the executable located in the folder. This brings up the following window:
User-added image
Ensure that the binary location is the plugins folder for your version of STK. It is recommended that you install both the 32-bit and 64-bit version; however it is not required.

2. Click the Install button and a pop-up window appears. Close the pop-up and the installer when it finishes. If you currently have an open version of STK, close it out and restart the program. This allows STK to refresh the available plugins.

3. Once inside STK, the plugin can be opened several ways. The first, and easiest way, is by selecting the object menu at the top and selecting the Articulation Creator from the drop-down. This is shown in the image below. The menu name depends on the object selected in the Object Browser. In the image below, the scenario object was selected, but it could say Facility or Target. 
User-added image
The second way is to right-click on an object in the Object Browser and select it from the object type menu (i.e. satellite, aircraft, etc.). Additionally if you would like to add a button to your toolbar, this can be done by enabling it from the View ->Toolbars menu located at the top of STK.

4. For documentation on how each section of the plugin works, please refer to the documentation that has been provided in the download. Happy creating! 

As of 5/14/19 version 1.1 was uploaded to fix several bugs that were found in the plugin. Please read the release notes in the ReadMe file for more information on the implemented changes.