TCP/IP connection to STK from MATLAB using MexConnect



How to use:

  1. You must be using 32-bit Matlab
  2. Go to and download the 32-bit connector from the middle of the page on the machine running MATLAB. There is some helpful information on this page that describes why you need the connector. This is the setup guide for a MATLAB interface to STK:
  3. Open STK on the STK machine
    1. Go to Edit>Preferences and ensure the “Allow Connect” option is enabled and take note of the TCP/IP Socket number
    2. Keep STK Open on other syste
  4. Open 32-bit MATLAB
    1. Type “help mexconnect” in the command window. This will bring up all the commands used to interface Matlab and STK.
    2. To start out you need to Open the port to STK using the “Connect Commands” down at the bottom of the help contents.
Created by mhonaker