How to make your scalar calculation script available in STK

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A custom scalar calculation script can be written in MATLAB, Perl or VBScript scripting language. For more information see Use Plugin Scripts and Vector Geometry Tool Plugin Points.

Once you write a Scalar Calculation Script, you need to access it from Analysis Workbench.
1. The scalar calculation script must be in a directory that STK searches:
  • <STK install folder>/STKData/Scripting/VectorTool/Scalar
  • <STK user area>/Config/Scripting/VectorTool/Scalar
  • <STK all users area>/STKData/Scripting/VectorTool/Scalar
  • <scenario folder>/Scripting/VectorTool/Scalar
2. In STK, open the Analysis Workbench... 

3. Select the Calculation tab, select your STK Object (left) and click Create new Scalar Calculation button.
User-added image
4. Set the following as shown below.
Type. Custom Script
Name: <name of scalar component>
Calc Scalar Script File: Click the ellipses button. The list of available scripts is displayed. Click the script you added in Step 1.
Dimension: <appropriate to scalar script>
User-added image
5. OK and Close the Analysis Workbench.
Now that your script is available in STK, you can use it to generate custom reports and graphs or export the computed results. An example scenario including a custom scalar VBScript (PowerGenerated.vbs) is attached (requires STKv11.2 or later).