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For Code Writers: Astrogator Object Model Walkthrough - Python with Jupyter Notebook
Dec 2018
This tutorial builds a satellite going from LEO to GEO with a combined inclination and apogee raise maneuver at GEO, using object model and Python.
For Code Writers: Simulink / STK Satellite Access Analysis
Feb 2017
Example that shows how Simulink can integrate with STK
For Code Writers: Astrogator Object Model Walkthrough - MATLAB
Sep 2018
Walks through the basic functions of the STK Astrogator Object Model by building the Hohmann Transfer
For Code Writers: Example Trade Study with MATLAB
Oct 2018
Example Trade Study with MATLAB
No Coding Required: Simulink / STK Solar Energy
Feb 2017
This example shows how satellite power system designed in Simulink can be integrated with STK for testing and analysis of that system
No Coding Required: Launch Window Calculator
Nov 2018
The Launch Window Calculator is a tool (created using STK's programming interface) that can be used to calculate launch windows and to propagate a satellite from the launch pad to the intended orbit.
For Code Writers: Drawing Shapes on the Globe
Feb 2017
This demo includes examples for allowing the user to draw polylines and polygons by double clicking points on the globe
For Code Writers: Various useful ODTK tasks
Feb 2017
This collection of snippets shows how automate many useful or common tasks in ODTK.
No Coding Required: Prototype Weather Plugin
Feb 2018
UiPlugin and Access constraint to download predicted cloud coverage and use data in analysis. 
For Code Writers: STK 11 Aviator Connect Example
Jan 2017
Example script shows how to create a new scenario with an aviator aircraft route using connect commands
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