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No Coding Required: Orbit Tuner
May 2020
This UiPlugin allows you to change the orbital elements of a satellite and visualize the effects and display the orbital elements as vectors
For Code Writers: Compute Access By Metric
Jun 2018

For Code Writers: Defining a Radar Cross Section in Matlab using Object Model
Dec 2017
Tutorial for defining a Radar Cross Section in Matlab
For Code Writers: Create A Dynamic Sensor Body Mask for Analysis
Oct 2019
Calculate access accounting for obscuring objects which changes geometry over time.
No Coding Required: Constellation Wizard
Feb 2020
Python code and a user inteface to allow subsets of large satellite constellations to quickly be built and loaded into STK, perform analysis, and then unload all of the satellites. In this way analysis at different times or with different constellations can be performed without loading in thousands of satellites into STK.
For Code Writers: Simulink / STK Satellite Access Analysis
Oct 2019
Example that shows how Simulink can integrate with STK
For Code Writers: Simulink / STK Satellite Attitude Control
Oct 2019
Satellite with 3-axis attitude control built in Simulink can be integrated with STK
For Code Writers: Connecting to STK from Matlab
Jul 2019
Methods for getting a hold on the STK object model root from within Matlab.
For Code Writers: Solar Terminator
Feb 2017
Compute the outline of the solar terminator at the specified time using STK Components
For Code Writers: Matlab Data Provider Extraction
Mar 2020
An easy way to output data providers from STK into Matlab.
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