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No Coding Required: Optimize STK for taking screen shots and recording videos
Jun 2017
A quick and simple-to-use utility to optimize STK for taking screen shots and recording videos
For Code Writers: Python STK Connect Examples
Jan 2017
Here's a few examples of using Python with STK - TCP/IP and COM examples included.
For Code Writers: MATLAB Realtime Examples
Feb 2017
A collection of scripts which demonstrate how to send realtime data from MATLAB into STK. The examples use Object Model to connect to STK, and then use both Object Model and Connect commands to send the realtime data. Two scripts deal with satellites, one with aircraft, and one with missiles.
For Code Writers: Connecting to STK from Matlab
Feb 2017
Methods for getting a hold on the STK object model root from within Matlab.
No Coding Required: Antenna Gain Matrix Converter
Feb 2017
Converts antenna gain matrix reports generated from stk into antenna pattern files that can be loaded into stk as an external antenna file.
No Coding Required: Radar Detection HTML and Scenario
Feb 2017
This Demo Scenario uses installed STK imagery and terrain to show how STK Radar analysis can be automated or integrated into other operational systems.
No Coding Required: Orbit Wizard
Jan 2017
This UiPlugin allows you to change the orbital elements of a satellite and visualize the effects
For Code Writers: Python STKX Example
Jan 2017
Example STKX applications
For Code Writers: Use Python to send CONNECT Commands via TCP/IP to STK
Nov 2016
Python sample to send CONNECT commands into STK.
For Code Writers: Python Script for sending TCP/IP Connect Commands to STK
Jan 2017
Example Python script used to command STK
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