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No Coding Required: Launch Window Calculator
May 2019
The Launch Window Calculator is a tool (created using STK's programming interface) that can be used to calculate launch windows and to propagate a satellite from the launch pad to the intended orbit.
For Code Writers: Various useful ODTK tasks
Feb 2017
This collection of snippets shows how automate many useful or common tasks in ODTK.
For Code Writers: Simulink / STK Satellite Attitude Control
Oct 2019
Satellite with 3-axis attitude control built in Simulink can be integrated with STK
For Code Writers: Example Application: Cesium and STK Components web application for SGP4 propagation
Feb 2017
This is a web application that allows a user to propagate and visualize a satellite orbit.
For Code Writers: Create STK Engine Docker Container
Sep 2019
This is how you can create a very basic STK Engine Docker Container that exposes the STK connect port.
For Code Writers: Example Application: Combine Components and Engine application
Feb 2017
This application preforms the same analysis using AGI Components and STK Engine Object Model.
For Code Writers: Astrogator Object Model Walkthrough - MATLAB
Sep 2018
Walks through the basic functions of the STK Astrogator Object Model by building the Hohmann Transfer
For Code Writers: Astrogator Object Model Walkthrough - Python with Jupyter Notebook
Dec 2018
This tutorial builds a satellite going from LEO to GEO with a combined inclination and apogee raise maneuver at GEO, using object model and Python.
For Code Writers: Matlab Data Provider Extraction
Jul 2019
An easy way to output data providers from STK into Matlab.
For Code Writers: TCP/IP connection to STK from MATLAB using MexConnect
Aug 2017
This example connects to STK over a specific host/port and then sends connect commands through to build a scenario, report data in STK, obtain data from STK, then plot the data in MATLAB.
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