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For Code Writers: Simulink / STK Satellite Attitude Control
Feb 2017
satellite with 3-axis attitude control built in Simulink can be integrated with STK
For Code Writers: Astrogator Object Model Walkthrough - Python with Jupyter Notebook
Dec 2018
This tutorial builds a satellite going from LEO to GEO with a combined inclination and apogee raise maneuver at GEO, using object model and Python.
For Code Writers: Various useful ODTK tasks
Feb 2017
This collection of snippets shows how automate many useful or common tasks in ODTK.
For Code Writers: Create STK Ephemeris File from MATLAB
Feb 2017
MATLAB function to load a data file and output an STK formatted ephemeris (.e) file.
For Code Writers: TCP/IP connection to STK from MATLAB using MexConnect
Aug 2017
This example connects to STK over a specific host/port and then sends connect commands through to build a scenario, report data in STK, obtain data from STK, then plot the data in MATLAB.
No Coding Required: Launch Window Calculator
Nov 2018
The Launch Window Calculator is a tool (created using STK's programming interface) that can be used to calculate launch windows and to propagate a satellite from the launch pad to the intended orbit.
For Code Writers: Launch STK Programming Documentation with STK Handle
May 2019
Given an STK object/settings handle, this function will launch the relevant programming documentation page. Online and offline documentation are supported.
For Code Writers: Connecting to STK from Matlab
Apr 2019
Methods for getting a hold on the STK object model root from within Matlab.
For Code Writers: MATLAB Realtime Examples
Feb 2017
A collection of scripts which demonstrate how to send realtime data from MATLAB into STK. The examples use Object Model to connect to STK, and then use both Object Model and Connect commands to send the realtime data. Two scripts deal with satellites, one with aircraft, and one with missiles.
For Code Writers: AMM Connect Example
Jan 2017
Define an aircraft route using AMM procedures, then compute access to a point target. How to use: Double-click the .vbs file (without STK running).
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